VBS Day 2 :-D

Day 2 down! Woot!! So today we weren’t blessed with 20 Second Graders, but 23. Woah… Woah… Woah… It may not SOUND that different, but it sure FELT different! 😉 Thank goodness they are sweeties, because they sure are a handful. Lol.

Here they are working on a backdrop for a theater in the park.

And notice who gathered around TallGuy’s backdrop. 😉 Yeah, he’s a heartbreaker, but a sweetie.

Here’s the view from our room, the pre-school playground.-

These children even at the age of 8, are full of stories and plans for the future. Promises, and some of them, well, if I could bring them home with me….I would. :,(

Who’s at the helm of this mighty moving vessel we call VBS? that would be Mr. Matt. A seriously swell guy! Loved by many!

And after a morning of VBS, what’s a mom with five hungry kiddos to do? Take them to MickyD’s! Smiles all around. 😉

Many thanks to K for letting us “borrow” LittleMan! :)) We had a blast with him, and you know I am THRILLED that he thinks Aunt Jans house is the “funnest!”

Later! xx

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