Tonyia Rank

Marykay Consultant/Mom

Every time I have a dress made for my daughter I know it will be a unique masterpiece!

Stephanie Riffle

Banker / US Bank

My girls have been dressed in SewSowinLove for 4 years. This year she even helped me fill their Easter baskets.

Stephanie Riffle

Banker / US Bank

Jan is creative, but she still keeps it real. Like when the interior designer wanted to put tulle bedskirts on my 3 year old twin girls beds. Glad she put the brakes on that.

Stephanie Riffle

Banker / US Bank

When it was time for my 20-year high school reunion, Jan made me a killer dress. Everybody wanted to know where I got it!

Scott Hansen

Owner/Designer / Blue Nickle Studios

Read what Scott has to say here!

Sandy Williams


I have strangers stop me and ask “Where did you get that adorable outfit your little girl is wearing? It can’t be from around here!” Hmmm…Do I share my secret?

Sandy Williams

So creative! Just give Jan free reign and you won’t believe the amazing things you will end up with in return!

Maurie Green


Easiest Christmas shopping I ever did was giving Jan a list! One list. One check. Done.

Don McDonald

Owner / Don McDonald Financial Group

The work is top notch.