Just 15

My Lovelies

In this series I’m going to choose one WIP and work on it for 15 minutes a day, then post my progress here weekly.

First up? I’ve got a Christmas quilt started, that has literally been on my design wall since last year. Yes, sad I know. With my business thriving and growing, it’s left little time to quilt for myself. Like Nike says, “Just Do It.”

So here’s the story, my friend Linda, of Quilting Under the Influence, put together a charm exchange last year(the quilt *ahem* was supposed to be finished by LAST Christmas ;-/ ). It was great fun, and we had, are you sitting down? 100% participating, and you know, I think everyone was on time too!! Can you imagine?

Here are the lovely charms I received.

Here come the charms! Don’t you love happy mail?!?!

They came, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. One of the rules of the swap was that there were no rules, now you perfectionist creatives out there know that is a blessing and a curse. Lol. I knew I wanted a “quilt,” but still feature the diversity of the charmers.  So I added in some Twas The Night, by Nancy J. Smith and Lynda S. Milligan(oh, yes, I do love my stash), and made a bunch of hst. I worked and worked, but it just needed a little something more…

Love laying it out on the floor and running up the stairs to “see” if it’s right. I’ve got 4 kids… What the heck am I running for? 😉

So I made this….

and set it like this…

Just because you don’t expect it… STILL not sure if it works… Oh, well…

And this is what I’ve had up since 2011… I think it’s time we put this baby to bed, or maybe “on the bed.” Ha!  See you next Monday!!