Because the dress should be at least half as cute as she is.
Custom bags and gifts.
Make coordinating for family photos easy! (Image by Raye Law)
One of a kind outfits for one of a kind personalities.
When off the rack just will not do.



SewSowinlove – where we specialize in smiles. Embracing every moment … making it extraordinary. Whether it’s grandmother opening a gift or a little girl twirling in the sun, let us help make it unforgettable.



What’s a Girl to Do?

Okay, I’ve got an event coming up. Needed something to wear. UUhhhgggg….that means shopping. Unless it’s fabric, I want no part of it!! Sights like this… and this…. Kind of make my head spin, and my stomach queasy.  BUT!  I must find something to wear. 🙁  AND don’t even let me think I might have […]

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New Meaning to An Old Phrase

How many times have you said, “What did you do last night?”  Or, how many times hav[...]

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Friday Funny :-D

So, Friday Funnies have become a semi-regular thing with a few friends.  Usually including some[...]

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