On The Nightstand


If you’re a reader, you’re always curious as to what’s on anothers nightstand or bookshelf. Am I right? Ha!! Come on, complete honesty here. You know it tells you loads about a person! I’ve got to say, I find the mind fascinating. What goes through mine on a given day would probably scare the crap right out of ya! No, it does not always fit my brand, lol.

Anyway…. This is where I’ll share what I’m reading. I read to learn and for enjoyment. My goal is to read one business related book a month; doesn’t always happen. And…I’ll admit, I do read some trash, sue me. I’m a 40 year old woman. Ha! I’ve earned it. 😛  But for the sake of the innocent, we’ll keep it rated at least PG13. 😉


Photo credit goes to Kandis. Thanks, Sister!! Much love to ya! xoxox