The "No Man Bashing" Zone

I love men.  I’ve been blessed to know and love some of the most precious men the Good Lord ever created.  I have loved my Daddy since the day I was born, I have been blessed with three, yes, THREE of the most wonderful Grandfathers…EVER.  On November 2, many years ago, God and my parents gave me a gift, that I call Brother…love him, beyond words.  Growing up, I had friends who happened to be boys, Men of God who taught me well(sometimes I listened, sometimes…ummmm…not so much).  Heck, I even had a high school sweetheart, that I can still think of as sweet(even if his FB profile pic, this summer, looked like a stinking Corona ad, not nice, P).  When the time came I found a man to marry who adores me…still have not figured out why.  Together we have had two beautiful boys(I’m their momma, I can call them beautiful. 😉  ).  I tell you all this so you will not think I am horrible for what I am about to share with you.

So last Thursday, I get this in my email from Archer.  It came with a note of apology…that now he understands…and will not ask to go to the grocery store with me…ever…again…

I laughed so hard that my kiddos all came to check on me and ask if I were alright.  😉  Enjoy…..