Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ha! Ha!  Yeah, I know Thanksgiving has come and gone, BUT I’ve been without internet, since last week.  :-/  So you’re getting my posts from last week…this week. 😉  Sooooooo this is what I wrote last Wednesday night.

Oh, my, this connection is incredibly slow! Let’s see how far we get, okay? 😉
Our Thanksgiving is a little different, as I said last week.  First, all the cooking is done before hand, at home, because on Wednesday morning, we pack it all up and head for the deer woods.  Yes, the deer woods.  Now for all you city slickers out there, *read “Kansas”*. Hehehehe…. That just means where you go to hunt.  For us it happens to be a lease in Sheridan, Arkansas.  There deer don’t grow huge, but they are plentiful.  When we drove up tonight, this is what we saw….

And this is where we have our Thanksgiving…

Where the boys sleep…

Where the momma sleeps…Yes, I know, I do have the better end of the deal. 😉

This is Mr. D with BettySmiles and Little Guy, showing them pictures from is trail cam…

 Earlier in the day Dad had called to say that D had cleaned the floor for us (me) to come.  Yeah, I’m not exactly laughing, just a slight giggle…I mean, have you seen the floor?  BUT…how incredibly sweet.  Although some may call him a bear, I think I’ll just call him, “Teddy.” 😉 

Tomorrow you’ll get a tour in the “daylight.”