Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, EVERYBODY!!!!  Oh, yeah, new year, new start, clean slate…. Well, a girl can wish, can’t she?  The month of December has been crazy busy…as if it isn’t always and for everyone…I had to cut my losses, and the blog fell, as Dave Ramsey would say, “below the line.” 😉  BUT…Watch Out!!! I’m back. Hehehe… 

In December we played basketball, well, you know “I” didn’t play, but I did attend the games. 🙂 We took a little trip to Branson with the fam, including my sweet Daddy, Brother, Sister in Love, and you know….the Little Cuddle Bug….

Nicey…the Divine Miss Em

Then it was home to finish up rehearsals and put on a Christmas show….Look, Sweet Memory…

I’m home….. oohhhh….how sweet it was and is!

A great time was had by all!!!

Christmas was wonderful filled with family and smiles….

Sweet Sister in Love

 And through it all…I was playing Words…Yes, don’t say it, I KNOW I’m obsessed!  K will say, “no wonder I don’t hear from you anymore…you’ve got a whole other group of friends.”  And…she would be right!  When there’s a ballgame on, I’m too tired to concentrate at the sewing machine, riding in the car, and I’m bored…and none of the “regulars” are on… I’ll start random games.  The first time I did this and hit pay dirt was last spring/early summer…that’s when I picked up Sewcute, Mr. Typo’s(hehehe don’t worry, he doesn’t know about this blog, or anything past my first name, so it won’t hurt his feelings), Julia, The TX Rider, and The Business Man…still playing with all of these. 😉  In August, a No New Opponents rule was put in place, because of a certain Mr.NoName!!  Got to be careful… What a jerk!  Only recently have I started random games again.  And one Tuesday evening in December…I hit the jackpot again!!  With this load I got Ms.AZ, Jess, and The Poet…a couple more but these are the three that I’ve gotten to “know”.  So, this morning The Poet asks me to finish the sentence, “The new year…”  I respond with some dribble about it being my last year of my thirties, the kiddos, you know, nothing earth shattering.  Then I informed him that turn about is fair play.  His response came off the cuff, and I’d like to share it with you…

“The new year rang in exactly on time – the only given it is allowed.  For some, it will be their first, for others their last.  For most, the new year is the balance of mind and heart.  The mind concerned of what can be; the heart with what should be. The mind leads the way – analytically plotting where our physical body should tread.  Concerned as it should be with singular survival.  The heart, bless it, is concerned with what is best for all. I only hope that I find the balance between my mind and heart, physical existence and spiritual empathy.  It is
my goal; my quest.”
The Poet
Happy New Year!!
soooo looking forward to spending it with you, All my Bloggy Friends!!

Where Has it Gone!?! (installment one, it’s getting long! Lol)

Where has it gone? October, that is…  This month has been a roller coaster, highs and lows, firsts and lasts.  I’ll try to catch you up on the highs and firsts, and since this blog is meant to be encouraging, we’ll leave out the lows and lasts.  ;p

Goodness where to start?  I’m not promising these are in any kind of order, but they did all happen in October. :))

Day one, I got to go to the airport and check the arrival board

AND……use the award winning restroom!  Lol.  If you’re ever in the Fort Smith airport, be sure not to miss it.  Hehehehe.  After all, I’m sure it’s on your bucket list,  “Use an award winning restroom.” 
Picked up my sweet Honey, and we headed to Market Place for lunch.  Since she had never had it we ordered the Flaming Queso! 
No, this is not my Honey, it’s me, she’s taking the picture.  Really it’s supposed to be a picture of the queso, I just happen to be in the way. 😉
Later that day we got to cuddle a Little Bug! 🙂
This child has stolen my heart!  I love being her aunt, and cannot wait until she is old enough to come and stay for the week.  I have plans to spoil her rotten! 😉
Alas, the day was not over, we had a birthday to celebrate!
Happy Birthday, Little Guy!  For the first time in sixteen years, I am driving the “lamest car in the world”(inside joke, leave a comment and I’ll share 😉  ), with no carseat.  The first day this happened I posted it as my status on Facebook, with the tag, “I don’t know whether to cry or jump for joy.”  The consensus was JUMP!!
My sweet Brother and Sister In Love, did just happen to come along with Little Bug

El Lorito’s, the perfect ending, to a perfect day!

More to come!