A Little Bag Love


Everyonce in a while, I enjoy letting someone else do the hard work and use a pattern. Well, let me clarify, every once in a while I enjoy using one of Sis Boom’s patterns, by the delightfully wonderful Jennifer Paganelli and incredibly talented Carla Crim. This spring I had the hankering for a new bag, so I bought the Rosettta Ruffle Bag PDF Pattern. This bag goes together pretty quickly, and comes in three sizes and three variations on the ruffles. Since I like a more finished look, I went for the double thickness ruffle. This option uses quite a bit more fabric, but, in my opinion, the end result is worth it. I get compliments on this bag every time I carry it.

The fabric was from my stash, and I can’t tell you much about it, other than I liked the colors. 😉 Ha! And… I was in a hurry and didn’t take time to put pockets in it(I mean, it was “just” for me…), in a bag this size(lg) that was a big mistake. Take the time, trust me on this. Flowers are just ruffled fabric and covered buttons. The picture? Ha! It was taken with my phone, sitting on my lap, up against the dashboard of the van on the way to the state basketball tournament. Which, I just have to add in, the Fort Smith Patriots won. Go Patriots!

Like this bag? Head on over to Sis Boom, she can fix you right up!

This Little Pig Went to Market











Home, I’m home, but it’s a little bittersweet. The 2012 International Quilt Market was more than I ever imagined, and tho I did miss the kiddos a wee bit, I think I could have stayed!

Arriving in Kansas City on Wednesday, I went straight away to the airport to pickup the wonderfully talented Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios! It’s a good thing, too, because I kinda sorta had his clothes with me! But that’s another story. 😉

From there we went to the convention center…

And picked up my credentials!! Eeeeeekkkk!!!

After the booth was set up, and we were leaving the convention hall, my mouth was dry. It was then I realized I was walking with my jaw gaping open. :-/ I was told I wasn’t the first for that to happen to. 😉

Exhausted I was by this time, so headed over to the hotel to await the arrival of my roomie, the lovely Kristi McDonough, the very talented Shari Butler and her sweet hubster Dan. I can say it was love at first sight! Here we are, two weary travelers(hint: we look much better in the morning) just moments after meeting.

Stay tuned…I’ll talk about Thursday tomorrow. And Scott’s shirts…does anyone want to know about those? Maybe I’ll write about that process, but only if you’re interested. 😉

Love to you!!!