Uberfest Block 12

So, here we are, October 12, and I have not been the the best blogger… but I’ve been here in spirit!
I’m super excited to share my little piece of Uberfest with you.  Calling my block Autumn Sun, as it is inspired by cool crisp autumn days, when the sun shines brightly(cause ya know, I’m a sunshine kinda girl).
Scott sent me these four fab pieces of fabric, from Nel Whatmore’s Sleeping Beauty line, you can read all about it here. The rules said I could add in one fabric of my own(it’s from my stash, no clue as to where it came from 😉  ) I chose a cheddar, or gold, if you will, so here they are:

Instructions were to include either half square triangles or log cabin.  Of course, I went to work trying to incorporate both.  My first attemp at rough sketching was horrible!  …no fancy software here. ;0)
And one night on my way to bed it hit me. Thank goodness I keep notebooks everywhere!  This is what I came up with:

And colored it in with the kiddos crayons:

Really just a log cabing with the inside strips made up of half square triangles.  I could tell you how to do these but Miss.Print has done a wonderful job expaining it here.

After you make your squares, layout your block.

See? It’s really just a simple log cabin. No rocket science here. Lol!  After you have all your strips made it’s time to sew it all up!

Round one.

Round two, and all done. 🙂

Lights not so great in my sewing room(yeah, I know), so here’s another taken downstairs.  Yes, Kandis if you’re reading this, I know I need a “real” camera!  My phone STILL is not cutting it! :-/

The PDF is available for download here
You can find tomorrow’s block by Erin Singleton of Two More Seconds  just by clicking her name, but you’ll have to wait… 😉

Oh, My Word!

Holy Moly!! It’s been a while!  Not going to apologize but how about we play a little catch-up? 😉  Real quick like, ya know. 🙂

Since you’ve last heard from me, I’ve….

Sewn a forest of trees…

Done some of my best work yet, IMHO, on a friends pillow for her bed.  Yes, I did cut those birds and branches out, each one is a solid piece.  Yeah….kinda proud of that one.

Went and had a wonderful visit with the Divine Miss Em(and her sweet momma, too)!  Isn’t she lovely?  Love her so!!

Have done a load of team wear!!!  Keep it comin’, it’s my bread and butter, no lie!

Opened a little Etsy shop…made one sale, and sewed these scarves…that have yet to be listed. :-/  But, hey, they were fun to make, and I can always give them as gifts! 😉

*ahem* bought a little fabric…just a little…

Made a bonnet…for that Etsy sell. 😉  What American girl, at sometime doesn’t want to BE Laura?

My baby turned 7.

To celebrate, we took the monkeys to the zoo. Haha…yes, I know I’m funny. Lol….at least give me credit for trying!

While the kiddos were admiring the animals, their mom was drooling over the flora… Found a fav..Confetti Lantana! Why do I NOT have this in my yard???

My friend Chrissey and I fell in love with a little girl named Grace…Repeating to myself…”J, you are too old to start over, besides, you just got your life back!” AND…..repeat

And finally, at midnight, this blog will post my Uberfest post!  I know, I’ve been horrible and I feel the guilt, but it’s done!! I’ve designed an original(at least to me)block, learned how to do a PDF, upload it and link!  I thought I was signing up to do just a regular quilt-a-long…hahahah….nope…WAY out of my league for sure, but I love a challenge and learning new things! Here is my starting 4 1/2 inch square…

As you can see it’s been a full 5 weeks, and, as always, no promises, but…. I will try to do better. 😉 xoxo

Just Another Manic Monday

Ok, when I was thinking, “What’s a cute title for a post on this Monday afternoon?”, and those who know me well, know my thoughts are complete with a running soundtrack in my mind…. “Just Another Manic Monday” popped into my brain.  BUT then, I thought, really? Maybe I should look up the true definition, just to be sure… And, drum roll, please….definition 2. Frenetically busy; frantic: “the pace is manic as we near our deadline”.  Yep! I’d say it fits. 😉

 Just as you think things are slowing down, they rev back up.  I’m thinking my new word is “Zoom”.  Remember that PBS show from the ’80’s….”I”m gonna zooma, zooma, zoom. I’m gonna zooma, zooma, zooma, zoom”.   I loved that show! Haha… Yes, I was raised in the country, we had 5, count them FIVE channels.  Lol
Here’s what’s hot in the workroom tonight and for the rest of the week! Yep, I’m a busy girl!  Busy and Blessed!!

These can be found at Creative Whit on Old Greenwood Road, next door to FCA, and that new day spa, can’t remember their name at the moment, but I’ve heard they are trade friendly!!!! You KNOW what I am thinking!!!

Later! xoxo

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