Hey! Hey!

Yep. I know I’m always saying I’m going to do better. But life happens.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on….

The difference is in the details. 🙂

Another bag…

How about a few ornaments?

Let’s see… How about another bag? Just a tote with a few details. 🙂

Yes. SewSowinLove has been very busy!

More later. xoxo

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday, everybody!! Did you get your nap? I did!! Woot! Nothing better than a Sunday afternoon nap! 😉

Woke up ready to work! Made a couple of scarves.

Then worked on mom shirts…whew…they are wearing me OUT! But I love it and am soooooo grateful! xoxo

Now I’m working on a new project that I’m super excited about! Taking these…

Cutting them up and throwing in a little funk…

Can’t wait to show you what it’s going to be!! Gonna have to hurry! Must be done by Thursday. Yikes!!

Guess what? Tomorrow’s Monday! Who’s excited?? I know, I’m crazy, but I LOVE Mondays!! Why?? I’m not sure, maybe the promise of a new week? Who knows… 😉

Catch ya later! xoxo

Ok, ok….

So was chatting with a friend this evening, and she ever so gently reminded me of how well I keep up with my blog. Yeah, I’m talkin’ about you, Christine. 😉

Every month I say, “I am going to do a solid month…Lol…and….it never happens. Haha. Obviously.

Hey! I’m a busy girl. Do I still get to call myself “girl”? 😉

So here’s what’s going on. This week…

Had the pleasure of helping with the 2yos at Bible study. After two hours, I was thinking, “Somebody pass the Xanax.” Who knew attending Bible study could lead to drug use? 😉

My DD, BonnieLove was born 14 years ago. Here she is the day she was born. Her AuntK taking care of her while her tired momma ate some lunch and rested just a bit. Yes. She was about an hour old here. Beautiful then, and you should see her now.

Wanna see? Here she is. Can’t believe I gave birth to this lovely creation. What a blessing.

And she is just as beautiful on the inside. 🙂

Working on a new project. Very excited. Can’t wait to share when it’s completed!

Yep! Fatigues! Curious?? 😉

We hit a new high on the FB fan page! Had a contest and got a winner!!

Woot!! 202 fans!!!

Seems like I’m missing something… But it’ll have to wait. I’m off to bed.

Night, All! xoxo

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