Brown Baggin’ it….(I know your saying, "Will she ever finish?")

Hello, again!  Just wanted to catch you up on the Brown Bag Quilt…. and the winner is…  Jacob’s Ladder

Now just to decide if I should do borders or leave it.  This pic isn’t that great as it was taken late last night, just after the last stitches were put in, and the pressing was done.  I just put it on the floor, climbed up in a chair and snapped it with my phone.  It had been a long day leading up so my hand may not have been so steady. 

At one point I did feel the need to get out of the house, so (or sew, hehehehe), I went to the movies, all by myself.  Solitude, ahhhhhh…. BUT I saw The Social Network, and can I just say….Do Not waste your time or money. :p  Granted, it was a drizzly day and I was in a dark mood, but please, people…. what WAS the point of making that movie?  Those of you who know me, know I never walk in without the popcorn, well I walked out with it too, and promptly put it in the trash!  Pardon the rant, just needed to get it out. There, ahhhhh…….. I feel better now. 🙂

Anywho, if you’ve got any ideas about borders let me know, I think Melissa and I have the binding figured out, and I still haven’t even measured it yet.  It should be 48×48, but we all know about those should be’s.

Where Has it Gone!?! (installment one, it’s getting long! Lol)

Where has it gone? October, that is…  This month has been a roller coaster, highs and lows, firsts and lasts.  I’ll try to catch you up on the highs and firsts, and since this blog is meant to be encouraging, we’ll leave out the lows and lasts.  ;p

Goodness where to start?  I’m not promising these are in any kind of order, but they did all happen in October. :))

Day one, I got to go to the airport and check the arrival board

AND……use the award winning restroom!  Lol.  If you’re ever in the Fort Smith airport, be sure not to miss it.  Hehehehe.  After all, I’m sure it’s on your bucket list,  “Use an award winning restroom.” 
Picked up my sweet Honey, and we headed to Market Place for lunch.  Since she had never had it we ordered the Flaming Queso! 
No, this is not my Honey, it’s me, she’s taking the picture.  Really it’s supposed to be a picture of the queso, I just happen to be in the way. 😉
Later that day we got to cuddle a Little Bug! 🙂
This child has stolen my heart!  I love being her aunt, and cannot wait until she is old enough to come and stay for the week.  I have plans to spoil her rotten! 😉
Alas, the day was not over, we had a birthday to celebrate!
Happy Birthday, Little Guy!  For the first time in sixteen years, I am driving the “lamest car in the world”(inside joke, leave a comment and I’ll share 😉  ), with no carseat.  The first day this happened I posted it as my status on Facebook, with the tag, “I don’t know whether to cry or jump for joy.”  The consensus was JUMP!!
My sweet Brother and Sister In Love, did just happen to come along with Little Bug

El Lorito’s, the perfect ending, to a perfect day!

More to come!

Brown Baggin’ It….cont’d (again ;) )

So, I’ve made progress this week!  Amid racking my brain for my business, taking orders, and working on orders, I’ve saved my late nights for my Brown Bag quilt.  This weekend I’m gonna be taking some naps for sure! 

I sliced up some fabric and made some strip sets, laid them out here so you could see how they work together. 🙂

No basket weaves here, people.  Just seeing how it works together, and making sure the black makes enough of a statement.  Next order of duty, cut these babies up!

Aaaannnnddddd sew them back together again! 🙂

How am I able to do this at night, when the house is quiet, and no one is calling, “Momma?”
Say hello to my friend….

Yeah, baby!   I’m starting to piece the blocks now, just have to decide how to set them, may have to ask for some help from someone with an analytical mind. 😉  Later, gator!

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